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Name:Aaron Gawain

The Timid Werewolf

Name: Aaron Gawain
Age: 17
Height: 5'06
Weight: 130 lbs
Zodiac: Pisces
Birthday: March 3rd
Race: Werewolf

Housing: -
Occupation: -
Relationship: -
Deaths: -
Memories Lost: -


In many ways, Aaron is simply a relatively normal young boy. He's sensitive though, and more than a little cowardly, with a tendency towards being over emotional...but he has a good heart. Normally cheerful, Aaron tries not to let himself get too caught up in being wistful or too lost in his past. It isn't often that he'll talk overmuch about what he went through...but sometimes he'll open up and talk about himself, if he feels he can trust someone. Usually these periods of self-talkative don't last for long however, and he will slip into silence and turn away with a wistful glint in his eye.

Beyond that, Aaron is eternally curious, wanting to know what he can about other people and how he can possibly help them. His friends are his world...and while not a fighter he will stand at their side and show his support. Just don't ask him to fight...he doesn't like violence. It's rather scary and he's painfully aware of his own weaknesses. Normally, Aaron doesn't like confrontation, and often shies away from potential fights. He's well aware of his own shortcomings, both physical and emotional, and while he is trying to better himself, typical teenage laziness gets in the way. That, and of course his never-ending quest to find his former adoptive parent and be forgiven.

Of course, this changes in his werewolf form. Aaron is young, and doesn't know the first thing about how to control it. Because of this, on the 15th of each month, at night when he transforms, he tries to chain himself to a wall, or otherwise lock himself away, because he cannot control what he does. That form is too wild, too raw and primal, and Aaron is unaware of what he does when in that form. It stays that way until he transforms back at dawn, and then he can free himself and set about business and life as normal.

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Roleplay character for -
All characters from and references to The Tarot Cafe © Sang Sun Park
Aaron is played by [profile] silver_foxglove
IC Screename: Timid Werewolf

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