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Player Name: Crow
Player DW: [personal profile] snowwhitecrow
Contact: [plurk.com profile] snowwhitecrow
Character Number: 6?

Character: Aaron Gawain
Source: The Tarot Café
Appearance: http://i222.photobucket.com/albums/dd110/deadly_sonnet/Banners/Wheel_Banner.png
History: Major Spoilers ahoy (TW for mentions of abuse)

Once upon a time in Heaven there were two angels who were deeply in love. The first was a beautiful lady angel named Sariel, and the other, a dark-haired man named Nebiros. They were deeply in love, but Belilal, the lord of lies, wanted to bring Nebiros down. To do this he had Sariel kidnapped and her wings were stripped away before she was cast to earth. Nebiros was devastated by what had happened - he only knew that his beloved had disappeared, and in his grief believed the venom dripped into his ear by Belial that she had abandoned him, run away because she despised him. He was heartbroken, and turned away from the warmth, and the light, falling himself and becoming a demon.

Some time later, Aaron was born. His mother died when he was a very young boy, and his father was a drunkard who was known to beat Aaron with little provocation. Aaron stayed with his father until he was sixteen, and a man showed up offering his father enough alcohol to keep him drunk for the rest of his life if he would give Aaron to him. The transaction was met with gusto and Aaron was soon after sold into the stranger's grasp. He was left to his own devices at the edge of a forest and moved inwards steadily, both to escape his father and try to find the stranger who had purchased him. The boy instead came upon a rather large group of women dancing nude about a bonfire. As he moved closer, one woman turned to greet him, and before he could even register the change from woman to beast she was attempting to attack him. He was rescued in the nick of time, saved by a Dark stranger named Nebiros.

Aaron was taken to his new home, fed and cared for-- spoiled rotten really. Nebiros just wanted someone to love him, someone who could melt the ice that had encased his heart. He became a devoted sort of beloved and father-figure wrapped in one and Aaron fell into the routine of being pampered easily, though at times he still felt like the prisoner he was. Nebiros gave him most anything he desired except the ability to go outside. The outer walls of the castle were often guarded by werewolves-- the same beasts he had encountered in the forest.

It wasn't until the other had left for a time, leaving Aaron alone that curiosity got the better of him. He was lonely, and a part of him wondered how his father was. Alone as he was, he took immediate solace in the appearance of a girl about his own age, who claimed to live in the village a distance away. Her companionship was a welcome gift, and every day Aaron would find himself sitting at the balcony while she told stories of the outside world. On the final day before Nebiros would return, she urged Aaron to run away with her, and he was swayed easily to follow. They escaped together and ran into the forest, where, to his horror she revealed that she was one of the many werewolves that called Nebiros as master. She attacked him, and died for her efforts as Nebiros came back just in time to save the boy’s life. Unfortunately, there was no forgiveness, and he left the boy there, his own heart broken by Aaron's betrayal, however misguided. He left Aaron there, alone. Even later when Aaron tried to find his way back to the Fortress he had called home with Nebiros ...it was gone. Only an empty, dark space in the middle of the forest remained.

He was truly alone. It was after this that he was left, due to that attack that Nebiros saved him from, with the curse of lycanthropy. He travelled for a long time and eventually found Pamela in London. Despite their first meeting of him almost sort if attacking her, she took him in. He spent his time working for her as a waiter in the Tarot Café until such a time as he can find Nebiros again and beg forgiveness for hurting him. Life in the Café Tarot was never dull for long, with Pamela's parade of strange customers, and Belus's antics, and Aaron was mostly happy. While never content with what he had - he was still adamant about finding Nebiros, there was a certain warm companionship that he appreciated in the Café.

--The following is a brief rundown of Aaron’s changes at the defunct game a_trialbyfire, from where I would be pulling him.

Aaron was pulled from canon from vol 4 of the manwha, where he has been kidnapped by Harut and Marut. He awakened in a place known as Purgatory and spent roughly two years attempting to atone for the sins of betraying Nebiros. He made friends there overtime, other displaced residents who were stuck in the same situation, and did his best to just try and get by.

When Purgatory crumbled away and became the World’s End (the start of a_tbf), he turned The Devil’s Nest into a small restaurant supplied by the local hunters and did his best to feed the populace of the “town.” He made friends with more people, and formed a tight-knit family of sorts and through this, Aaron was able to come out of his shell a great deal, and despite the terrible life in a terrible place, he forged a path for himself with the strength to back his new convictions. Friends came and went, and sometimes the World’s End shifted. Often with its journeys, residents were allowed to keep things to make their lives easier, and over time the boy accumulated a pack of canines that would run with him when he turned into a werewolf. He owns a direwolf, a pug, and two coyotes, named Dreizehn, Funf, Sechs, and Sieben respectively. He resided in the World’s End for another year or so and from there he finds himself into Deme

Timeline: He was taken from Vol 4 originally.

Personality: In many ways, Aaron is simply a (relatively) normal young boy. In canon, Pamela describes him as having "The nose of a dog ...and the brain of a bird," and that about sums it up. He's sensitive though, and more cowardly than brave, with a tendency towards being overly-emotional and flighty ...but he has a good heart. Normally cheerful, Aaron tries not to let himself get too caught up in being wistful or too lost in his past, though it does happen from time to time, and certain things remind him of past events no matter what. It isn't often that he'll talk overmuch about what he went through… but sometimes he'll open up and talk about himself with someone genuinely interested who he feels that he can trust. Usually these periods of self-talkative don't last for long however, and he will attempt change the subject with a nervous or awkward laugh before he gets emotional. He’s more about other people anyway; he lived long enough as a spoiled prince that he feels more comfortable trying to be a good listener.

Aaron is an eternally curious sort, wanting to know what he can about other people and how he can possibly help them. His friends are his world...and while not a fighter he will stand at their side and show his support. Just don't ask him to try and fight ...he doesn't like violence and is a pretty useless shield anyway. If nothing else, he's painfully aware of his own weaknesses and shortcomings and waffles between trying to better himself and staying stagnant at where he -is-. Normally, Aaron doesn't like confrontation, and often shies away from potential threats like a scared rabbit. Aaron hates the thought of anyone being upset with him, and this perhaps more than anything else can put him into an upset of his own. It's one of the few things guaranteed to get him to at least try to better himself, man up, and apologize, given as how in the manga his entire story revolves around attempting to seek redemption for hurting his guardian.

Throughout his time in World’s End, Aaron became a more confident person. He learned how to speak up for himself and while he’s still a very softhearted, playful sort, he’s not afraid to at least attempt to parry verbal attacks and defend himself. He knows what he’s been through - and it was a lot, and if he was able to survive that, a part of him reasons that he can at least attempt to handle most anything. He still has a bad tendency to be too trusting, mostly due to a desire to prove that everyone can have some semblance of a good side-- unfortunately not everyone who is nice is “good.” He’s still learning that part.

Of course, all of this changes when he is in his werewolf form. Aaron is young, and doesn't know the first thing about how to even begin controlling it. Because of this, during the full moon when he transforms, he tries to chain himself to a wall, or otherwise lock himself away, because he cannot control what he does and lives in a state of terror that he will hurt someone. Given as how he has no memory of what he does in his werewolf form, the lack of control leaves him all the more emotional and frightened of himself. It stays that way until he transforms back at dawn, and then he can free himself and set about business and life as normal, hoping and praying that no one met the business end of his mouth.

Abilities: Under normal circumstances, Aaron is a typical teenage boy whose only power may be his boundless energy and his ability to look good even while wearing dorky bows and shorts. On the flipside, during the full moon he becomes a 6 foot tall werewolf and has strength, speed, stamina, and animal cunning on his side - with the added bonus of not being able to remember himself the next day!

Inventory: Aaron has the adorable clothes on his back, as well as a passel of canine beasts that he adopted over time in World’s End. He has a direwolf named Dreizehn, as well as two coyotes named Sechs and Sieben, and a small pug named Funf. Aaron also had a small direpuppy named Blanca with him that originally when he came to deme bonded to Schneizel - Eilidh expressed interest in getting her back if the mods think that's okay! If not that's cool!

If he can only keep one, I would really like to keep Dreizehn with him, just let me know what’s cool!

Prose Sample: It was Dreizehn that woke up first, nosing at Aaron lightly with a cold, wet, nose until he groaned, and giving his face a lick when he tried to push him away. Aaron made a garbled sound of protest as the Direwolf continued to bunt and nudge until the boy could no longer hide himself in a ball and the simple act of waking up became a game between them. Eventually the boy gave up, laughing as he threw his arms about the direwolf’s neck, hauling himself to his feet and dusting himself off. Only then did his surroundings catch his eye.

He had expected the floor of the Eatery, or perhaps the pagoda, but not ...this. A temple, or church of some kind, and icons he had never before seen in his life. For a few moments, Aaron forgot his confusion about his surroundings as he paced past the room housing the rowan tree, stopping for a moment to peer within. Whoever had decorated this place had outdone themselves, and while he wasn’t one for paying much attention to religious artifacts, he could appreciate the strange beauty of what he saw. Paintings, statues, and then all of the pews. Dreizehn padded at his side, ever vigilant, but Aaron could only sit for a long while and rub a hand over the polished wood.

“I don’t know where we are, boy, but this place sure isn’t the World’s End.” And after a moment, he let a small smile lift his lips.

No, it wasn’t World’s End. It couldn’t be. But it was beautiful here, and for the moment, that was all that mattered.

Journal Sample: Huh… what’s this?

[Hello Demeleier. Aaron stares down into the mirror curiously, already wearing the crown atop his blonde head. He doesn’t look overly frightened-- if anything he looks absolutely enraptured by his surroundings as he begins to walk, staring at everything around him with a grin.]

Is anyone else out here? Did… new gods take over or something while I was asleep? I mean, I can see the sky again, and it's beautiful!

[He whirls around with a joyful laugh. It’s been too long since he’s seen the sun in any actual form and he’s beyond thrilled. Still, there are other things to address and he lowers the mirror as he begins walking once more, speaking more to himself now.]

Has the town shifted around again or something? I mean, I feel like I've been asleep for years!

[He yawns again as he walks. This place smells ...different from the World’s End, and while there’s no immediate sense of danger, his joy gives way to a trace of caution as he continues to walk. Eventually the mirror is shoved into a pocket for the time being as he goes sight-seeing.]