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1st-Jan-2027 01:36 pm - -OOC- How's my Driving?
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This journal is for use in the community -

Aaron Gawain is played by [personal profile] snowwhitecrow, who does not claim ownership to the character. Aaron is (c) Sang Sun Park.

If you have any comments, critiques, compliments, or questions for how I play Aaron, you may post them here! All comments will be screened~
8th-Aug-2022 04:47 pm - OOC Pets
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A listing of Aaron's pets because they have stupid names and are kind of weird. Mostly just an FYI sort of thing

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7th-Jan-2016 11:29 am - -OOC- Application
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Player Name: Crow
Player DW: [personal profile] snowwhitecrow
Contact: [plurk.com profile] snowwhitecrow
Character Number: 6?

Character: Aaron Gawain
Source: The Tarot Café
Appearance: http://i222.photobucket.com/albums/dd110/deadly_sonnet/Banners/Wheel_Banner.png
History: Major Spoilers ahoy (TW for mentions of abuse)
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